About Us

Tech Girl Power is a young girls empowerment, non-profit organization which was founded in 2016. Our goal is to bring technology and engineering into the hands and hearts of young girls to ignite a flame.  We focus on reaching out to young girls in foster homes, group homes, low income neighborhoods, and other areas where girls are at more of a disadvantage. Mentoring, self efficacy building blocks, and tutoring  services are included to help girls make the grade needed to carry on to the next level.

Tech Girl Power’s female founder has over 8 years of experience in the Mechanical Engineering Field and is passionate about increasing the amount of women in engineering and technology.  Going into engineering by chance of a great physics teacher in her last semester of high school, she has had a difficult time finding a female engineer mentor in a field dominated by men and getting past being the only female in the room.  She wants these girls to know that engineering and technology is fun, rewarding, and not just for boys.

Researchers and experts in STEM education agree that increasing the number of women in  STEM fields would expand our nation’s pool of workers, educators, and innovators for the future, bring a new dimension to the work, and potentially tackle problems that have been overlooked  in the past.

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